Heart of the Region
Making Waterloo Region Your Home

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Diane Wiles, CERC

(CERC Relocation Specialist™)

You’re the human resources professional who thinks of everything – from the carefully crafted posting, to the competitive and creative compensation package. And you have been fortunate to land some incredible professionals from across the country - excited about a lasting relationship with your firm. Yet you’ve had the costly and disheartening experience of reposting again and again when the new employee doesn’t stick around.


What’s going on?

Most unsuccessful relocations are due to human dynamics – individuals not feeling at home in their new communities. They love the job, and they love the employer, but they lack a sense of connection to their new community.

Our mission at Heart of the Region is to help human resource professionals in the Waterloo Region attract and retain top talent by elevating their recruitment efforts above those of their competition.

We do this by offering your new employee or transfer a professional concierge service that will help give them confidence in Waterloo Region as the place to call home.

Moving to a new city – permanently or for a limited term - is both exciting and overwhelming. Each employee has unique needs, family dynamics and dreams for their new home.

Heart of the Region starts with a thorough interview and needs assessment and then determines the location, services and amenities that will expedite the settlement process and ensure a long term relationship. We determine what tasks are at hand and what steps we can take to make the transition seamless for your new recruit.

We work with a talented team of professionals to assist with realty, legal, financial, and a wide variety of special requests from the human resources professionals we partner with. By being intentional from the beginning, the investment pays dividends over the long term for our clients and their new employees.